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Should I Level My Truck? – Don’t Make This Mistake When Leveling Your Truck!

If you feel that your front seats are slightly down or up than the rear of your truck, it means that there’s an imbalance between your front wheel and rear wheel suspension.

This imbalance can be caused by a rake. Moreover, the rake is a method of putting a truck’s balance by making the front wheel lower than the rear one. While carrying a heavy load, it makes a perfect balance for the truck.

Manufacturers put a slight rake on almost every truck. Cause most 4×4 are for carrying a medium and heavy load. But if you don’t need to carry a heavy load in your 4×4, the rake is a quite annoying feature.

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So making the front and rear wheel suspension the same high is called truck leveling. It makes your truck more attractive in looking and stands a little taller. Truck leveling can also be called suspension leveling.

By leveling a truck, you can get some good advantages to drive and carry normal loads. It also makes an excellent style to drive on your way.

Ford F150 Leveling Kit

Ford F150 is the best class truck to the drivers. This truck provides an excellent off-road experience while carrying a load. It’s fun to drive on the highway too. But you could find that the bed of the truck is slightly raised than the front side. It can make you uneasy with your drive style. Manufacturers put it for carrying a heavy load.

But if this rake isn’t needed for you and it seems like an annoying feature to you, don’t lose your hope. Here are some useful kits for leveling your truck. You can use them to raise your front wheels to make a perfect leveling and aggressive-looking truck.

Pros and Cons of Leveling Kit

Trucks are manufactured with a slight rake to carry a heavy load. They are further down the front side than the bed of the truck. It makes the right balance while carrying a heavy load. But if it becomes a quite boring feature to you, you can use leveling kits to fix them according to your choice. But removing the factory rake has both merits and demerits also. Here is some discussion about the pros and cons of leveling kits.


Improve off-road capability

By leveling your truck, you can get a better off-road capacity than the previous time. Higher ground clearance and wider tires improve the truck’s off-road capability. By using big tires, you can easily drive on mud, rocks, and snow.

Ensures more ground clearance

Most trucks have a higher clearance at their rear wheel than the front. The leveling kit makes them the same high and increase the front clearance of your truck’s body. That offers to use large tires on all wheels.


Leveling kits are not so worthy. You can find the best material leveling kits on your budgets. If you want to remove your truck’s rake without spending a lot of money, a leveling kit is a perfect option for you.

Aggressive style

Rake makes your truck’s front lower than the bed. It seems like your car like normal. But by leveling your truck, you can get an aggressive style as your wish.

Easy installation

Leveling kits are easy to install. Some of them are so easy that you can fix them in your home garage. But we recommend taking advice and from specialists. An installation process needs about two to three hours to fix the kits with your trucks. 


Limited lift

Leveling kits can offer only a limited lift for your truck. It’s about 1 to 3 inches. So you can level your truck in a limited lifting capacity with leveling kits.

Impact on fuel economy

Manufacturers used to make the truck’s front side down for avoiding wind resistance. It makes an aerodynamic design and helps the truck to get a better fuel economy. By leveling your truck, you are making a small hamper on your truck’s aerodynamic design. That’s why your truck will lose some wind resistance, and that will make your fuel loss. But it’s very insignificant.   

Risk of suspension wear out

If this modification can’t be applied perfectly, it can cause more stress for your suspension system. We recommend taking the specialist’s advice to fix a leveling kit on your truck.

Does leveling kits affect towing?

Body leveling doesn’t affect towing a lot. Cause leveling just raise the front part of your truck. The wheels and the stock suspension remain at their original position. Moreover, leveling helps to tow a trailer. But the suspension lifting may affect towing your trailer on a ride. 

Is it hard to install a leveling kit?

Leveling your truck with leveling kits are not so hard. Professionals can make it in 2 to 3 hours at their home garage. Kit manufacturers add an instruction with the kit package. But you shouldn’t do your own if you are not a professional.

How do I know which size of the leveling kit I need?

At first, you need to measure the distance from the top to the middle of the wheel. Do it for both front and rear wheels. Compare them rightly. You will find your truck’s rake.

Difference between Leveling and Lifting

There’s a slight difference between truck leveling and leveling. People used to mix them. Both are for raising the body of the truck from the axels to fit a wider tire.

Leveling is a process of removing raked truck. Leveling means it just needs to raise the truck’s front side the same as the rear side. Leveling kits can make about 2 inch rise on your truck.

Lifting is a process of raising the truck from both the rear and front sides. Lifting can be made with the body and suspension. You can lift your truck 2 inches to above 10 inches with different kinds of modification. 


Trucks are for everyday needs. Truck owners used to modify their trucks as they feel comfortable. Most manufacturers build the truck with a rake to make a balance to carry a heavy load. It also helps to avoid wind resistance. But when you don’t need a rake and want to create your truck more aggressive, you should level your truck.

By using leveling kits, you can easily level your truck to get comfort. They are cheap in cost but useful in their way. Leveling kits can be installed in a few times at your home garage. They have some merits and demerits also. But to get your own choice, you should level your truck with leveling kits as you want.

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