How to Make Your Exhaust Sound Louder and Deeper

How To Make Exhaust Deeper?

An exhaust framework is normally funneling used to direct response exhaust gases from a controlled ignition inside a motor. The whole frame passes on consumed gases from the motor and incorporates at least one exhaust pipe. A turbocharger has to expand the motor force. This exhaust system decreases air contamination regularly from the car.  

Making exhaust sounds deeper as well as louder, is becoming a trend nowadays, especially for the people of the modern era. If you go for the reasons behind this phenomenon, you must find some common causes, such as; some do this to show how powerful a car engine they have some consider it a prestigious issue. Though it sounds funny, it is true.

Another reason can be to make the pedestrians cautious that something gigantic is coming behind them, so be careful. And also for the young people to make their driving more attractive and enjoyable with an invigorated exhaust sound. Read more about the best sounding exhaust for f150.

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Exhaust Deeper

There was a period, harking back to the 1980s when auto devotees were everything except sure that fate was not too far off. The ascent of emanations gear, PC controls, and murmurs of “fixed motor coves” was accepted to proclaim the finish of hot-rodding and customization until the end of time. However, an amusing thing occurred while in transit to the 21st century – particularly the inverse. Since the turn of the century, pull, and dragsters have seen an ascent in fame not known since the muscle-vehicle time. 

Today, motors are all the more remarkable, vehicles are quicker and progressively advanced, and getting the perfect sound is a higher priority than at any other time. You may be one of the numerous individuals who genuinely appreciate having a stronger and increasingly noteworthy sounding vehicle. On the off chance that your exhaust simply doesn’t sound noisy enough for your preferences; at that point, there are a few different ways that you can make changes. 

How to Make Your Exhaust Sound Louder and Deeper

There are key parts that fumes sound relies upon. The fumes must be guaranteed an ‘allowed to stream’ framework for the sound addition. The frame is additionally helpful to the general motor exhibition.

It is conceivable to get a stronger, more profound sound from your fumes to hear the force truly. Regardless of whether you simply like the sound or you need to have the option to make the area aware of the intensity of your motor, it will be enjoyable to figure out how to make the essential changes.

Whatever the reason is, most people of this 21st century are deeply connected with their car’s deeper and louder exhausted sound. Those who do not have enough exhausting sound according to their desire always seek ways to make the exhaust sound deeper and louder.

Replacement of Current Engine

Replacing the old engine with a new and better one can be an option to make the exhaust sound deeper, as it is commonly known to all that size of the engine is one of the most significant determiners of the exhaust sound. The bigger the engine is, the louder the exhaust sound will be. And the smaller engine will give you a bit lower exhaust sound generally.

So, there is always an option to replace the previous engine with a relatively bigger engine to gain a louder and deeper exhaust sound. This can be an easy and quick solution to your desire to get a louder exhaust sound. But you will face various difficulties as this option is full of hazards. Besides, there are several laws and regulations regarding using engines in certain vehicles. If one of those laws is disobeyed, the owner of that modified car can be punished. And all of a sudden, all the happiness can turn into a curse. 

In any case, since the danger of potential risks is consistently there while supplanting a motor, we won’t recommend doing so. Along with the risks, the choice perhaps wouldn’t be the most intelligent one out there.

Others Way of Making Exhaust Deeper

As the way described above is not assuredly the best option for the car owners to make their cars exhaust deeper and louder. We have come up with more effective and efficient ideas to make exhaust deeper. Those ideas are as follow;

Making Exhaust Deeper
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Replacing the Muffler

There are some parts in the exhaust system that can be modified to improve the exhaust sound. The muffler is a type of acoustic device used to deaden the sound’s loudness that the engine usually creates. Manufacturers of a car do not want manufactured cars to roar out for several reasons. As a result, they install a particular type of muffler with S-type compartments which penetrate the exhaust to spend a bit more time while getting out with its strategical design. This process makes the exhaust sound much lower than it naturally used to be. 

If you change the particular type of stock muffler of your car with a new and straighter one, it will come up with a much satisfactory result for you. Because of using a straight muffler, the exhaust will come out directly without any artificial obstacles. Besides, the level of sound absorption will be much lower than the previously used muffler. Consequently, uses of straight mufflers will enhance the sound performance, and as a bonus, it will also increment the overall performance of your car.

It is quite well known to all that the traditional mufflers are the devices which prevent the contaminated air from coming out from the engine; therefore, the engine cannot perform in its best way. Conversely, a straight muffler helps the engine to perform better. It lets the fresh air in and get the polluted air out yet. But in the end, we suggest you take the valuable advice of the professionals who can help you better to choose the best muffler for your engine.

Cutting the Pipe

Though it is a risky option, you do not need to cost for it, so you can increase your car’s exhaust sound more deeply without charging a single penny. You just need a grinding wheel by which you can cut the exhaust pipe. Simply go under the car and find the exhaust pipe where it goes into the muffler. In the time of finding the tube and right spot, which is two inches from the muffler, you must keep in mind that there are fuel pipe and tank, so you must be careful about all these risky things.

However, after finding the right spot and marking that, just chop a slit from the tube’s quadrant. After completing that little cut go and start the engine if it sounds satisfactory for you, then that’s it. But if you want a bit louder sound, just cut a bit more around one-third of the pipe’s periphery. This extra cut will increase the sound surely, but this process has certain limitations, so consult with professionals before trying this formula.   

Replace or Install the Exhaust Tip

One of the cheapest ways to make your car’s exhaust deeper and louder is installing or changing the exhaust tip in your vehicle. While adding a new exhaust tip in your car, it will get a uniqueness besides getting enhancement in exhaust sound. In the market, you will get several types of sound evolving exhaust tips; you have to choose the best one for your car from those hundreds of varieties according to your choice, budget, and demand. But keep in mind that tips with wider diameters flared ends or dual walls are the best amplifiers that will surely increase your exhaust sound.  

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Unclog or Clean Exhaust Tube

It is quite possible to expect that the level of exhausted sound is not coming out because of having any clogs in the exhaust pipe. The clog may also create obstacles for the air circulation from the engine, which is sometimes harmful to the engine’s health. Usually, unclogging those clogs can easily give you the louder sound for which you are looking for. This is a safe and efficient option for every car owner who wants to increase his or her car exhaust sound. Thus you must try this one before going for any other choice; if this process gives you a pleasing sound, it will be the best option ever. 

Connect Welded Hangers to the Exhaust System

In many vehicles, the exhaust system is different from others. Here, with a rubber mount, the exhaust systems hang from the cars. Notably, for this reason, the transferred vibrations through the exhaust system become dampened. Because of not having a direct connection with the welded hangers, the passengers can not hear the exhaust vibration, which forces them to feel much lower sound. So, if you want louder exhaust sound, you can use the direct welds, which will a rubber connected free-hanging suspension system. It will make the vibrations dampen at the time of connection. It may be a better way for this certain hanging exhaust system cases.

Installing Turbo Charges

Most of the time you consult with your car manufacturers, they will suggest you use Turbocharger. By forcing extra compressed air into the combustion chamber, this forced induction device increases power output as well as the internal combustion efficiency of an engine. Using these devices is more advantageous because these improve the overall performance of the vehicle besides making its exhaust sound deeper. But the problem is this charger does not apply to all types of cars. 

You can only use these if your vehicle is compatible with Turbochargers. Like all other options, it also has some disadvantages; the most important one is it will surely cost more money from you by increasing fuel expenses. Also, this option is not available for all. Using turbochargers can be a satisfactory and effective option for some particular people who have sufficient cash and options because of its features.

All of these ways will work if you can assure the best option for your vehicle with the assurance of the best tools and components.


You must bear in mind that all of these options for making your exhaust sound deeper may seem much more comfortable than you used to think of, but you have to face several complications while executing one of those options described above. In some cases, the choice can be hazardous for your vehicle because that particular formula may not suitable for your car. 

Therefore it is the best way to consult with the professionals about your car’s specifications, features, exhaust system, and your demand regarding exhaust sound and then choose a better option according to their recommendations. It would be best if you also remembered that cheap and low-quality tools or components must be avoided because those might be dangerous and harmful for you and your car yet. 

So, before using any parts in your car, just make sure that you have selected the best and sophisticated one according to your demand and the experts’ suggestion, only then you will get your expected result. Do not try these mentioned ways on your own without consulting with the experts.  


Nowadays, making exhaust sound deeper has become a trend for almost every car owner; everyone wants a better exhaust sound but afraid of making that deeper and louder. Nevertheless, after knowing all these formulas, it is quite clear that creating your exhaust sound deeper is not as tough as you used to think. It is still important to select the best and most appropriate option for your car with the consultation of experts.

If you choose to replace your main engine, you must ensure that you are obeying the rules and regulations and that the new engine is safe for your car. If you choose to install a new muffler for your vehicle, make sure that you have selected a suitable one for your car. If you are going to cut the exhaust pipe to increase the sound, make sure that it is not harmful or hazardous for your car. 

Remember that the ideas shared above are equally potential for particular cases but not always closable for each type of car. If you do not have enough experience with cars, then do not just go for your favorite potion instead of consulting with an expert because choosing a wrong method will be ended up with creating a lot of problems for your car and sometimes can be too much dangerous for you also. Thus, choose the best method wisely by consulting with the professionals.

All of these ideas are equally effective and make your driving more enjoyable by increasing your exhaust sound to your desire level.

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