Ford F 150 Tire Size Chart Guide (2018-1983)

Ford F150 Tire Size Chart For 2020

Ford is producing the F150 truck since 1975. It has been over 40 years, and still, they are coming up with new editions of the vehicle every year.

And why shouldn’t they?

It’s the most beloved truck in America. It’s the quintessential American ride for all you need to know.

But as you can imagine, there are changes in the ride. They might look the same, but some changes are happening with the truck, to make it more impressive.

And one thing that goes through constant evolution is the tire. You need to know your Ford F150 tire size chart to get the right fit for your ride.

So, let to get to know more about it right here.

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Why need to know about the best tired for Ford F150?

As you know, Ford is producing this ride for over 4-decades now. So, the truck models have gone through some changes over the years.

Now, the tire size of the first Ford won’t fit today’s model. And that is why it is crucial to figure out, which model supports which tire size.

Otherwise, you will end up making the wrong pick for your Ford F150.

Ford F-150 Tire Size Chart (2018 to 1983)

The tyre size of a Ford F-150 varies depending on the year of manufacture of the vehicle. Select the model year of your F-150 to narrow down the results.

2009-2018 Ford F-150 Tire Size

From 2009-2018, all the Ford F150 trucks had the same 17, 18, 20 and 22-inch rim sizes depending on the model. And depending on the rim sizes, you can get a variety of tire width for the truck.

2008 Ford F-150 Tire Size

For 2008, the F150 got tires 265-60-18, 275-55-20 for the FX2. FX4 boasts 275-65-18, 275-55-20 size tires. 275-45-22 for Harley-Davidson. Tires sizes 265-60-18, 275-65-18, 275-55-20 were for the King Ranch. And 255-65-17, 235-70-17, 255-70-17, 235-75-17, 245-70-17 for a variety of other truck models.

2007 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The same model trucks came out in the year 2007. So, the tire sizes remain the same. 

2006 Ford F-150 Tire Size

In 2006, Ford came up with the XLT, XL, Lariat, King Ranch, Harley-Davidson, FX4 and the STX model F150’s. So, it had rim sizes of 17,18,20 and 22 and tire width from 235 to 275 mm depending on the truck model. 

2005 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The 2005 edition has the same tires as the17 and 18-inch Ford F150 tires.

2004 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The F150 had 5-tire sizes in the 17-inch rim size. They were 255-70-17, 255-65-17, 235-70-17, 235-75-17 and 245-70-17. In the 18-inch category, it had 275-65-18 and 265-60-18 tires. For the Ford Heritage, it got the 16-inch 245-75-16, 255-70-16 and 235-70-16 sizes tire. And it also had a 295-45-18 tire for the SVT Lightning.

2003 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The 2003 edition Ford’s had similar models. So, all the tire sizes are the same as the F150(2002).

2002 Ford F-150 Tire Size

Ford used the 16 and 17-inch rim for the XLT. Tire sizes included for the truck were 235-70-16, 255-70-16, 245-75-16, 265-70-16 and 265-70-17. XL used the 235-70-16, 255-70-16, 245-75-16. Lightning had the 295-45-18. The Lariat used 265-70-16, 275-60-17 and 265-70-17. For King Ranch, it was 275-60-17. Meanwhile, the Harley-Davidson edition had the bigger 20-inch 275 -45- 20 tires.

2001 Ford F-150 Tire Size

For F150 XLT, XL, Lightning, Lariat, King Ranch and the Harley-Davidson edition, a wide range of rim sizes from 16-20-inch got used.

2000 Ford F-150 Tire Size

This year two new rim sizes got added. The 17-inch rim made a comeback, and a more prominent 20-inch rim got introduced. The 16 and 18-inch remained constant. The new tire sizes for the latest additions were 275-60-17, 265-70-17 and 275-45-20. The 20-inch was for the Harley-Davidson edition.

1999 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The 1990 F150 brought a new rim size. It had the standard 16-inch rim and the new 18-inch one. The new one was for the Ford Lightning, and its tire size was 295-45-18.

1998 Ford F-150 Tire Size

Ford F150, 98 edition only had the 16-inch rim. The tire size that it came in was 235, 245 and 255mm.

1997 Ford F-150 Tire Size

Ford ditched the 15-inch rim size this year for a 16-inch rim. The tire sizes for it was 255-70-16 and 235-70-16. Also, they kept the 17-inch rim option for some of the Ford trucks.

1996 Ford F-150 XL, XLT, Special & Eddie Bauer Tire Size

All the 1996 F150 had two rim sizes of 15 and 17-inches with tire sizes of 235-75-15, 215-75-15, 265-75-15 and 275-60-17 respectively.

1995 Ford F-150 Lightning Tire Size

1995 is the year where Ford went out all guns blazing. So, apart from the XLT and Special models, they introduced the Lightning F150 too that year. It had the 17-inch rim with a 275-60-17 tire size.

1995 Ford F-150 XLT, Special & Eddie Bauer Tire Size

Ford F150 tire size chart got a new edition with the 1995 XLT, Special models and Eddie Bauer. All three models had the 15-inch rim size wheels with a 265mm wider tires. Also, the 215 and 235 mm width tires were still going strong. The truck also had the 17-inch rim size.

1994 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The 1994 Ford remained the same with rim sizes of 15 and 17-inch. And the tire sizes were identical to the earlier years Ford.

1993 Ford F-150 Tire Size

It is the year, where Ford introduced a bigger rim size for their trucks. The 15-inch rim was still in the picture. But they added a 17-inch rim in the list for the F150 Lightning.

The 15-inch rims kept the same 215-75-15 and 235-75-15 size tires for use. Meanwhile, the 17-inch used a wider tire of 275 mm with a 60% aspect ratio.

1992 Ford F-150 Tire Size

Tire sizes 215-75-15 and 235-75-15 are still the number one choice for the Ford trucks. And they also kept the rim size the same.

1991 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The 1991 edition saw the 15-inch rim size going strong. The tire sizes remained the same width. Also, this is the year the front suspension Fords were making heads turn in the truck industry. And these tires supported those models great. 

1990 Ford F-150 Tire Size

Ford F150 1990 edition kept on the legacy going of the 15-inch rim size. And the tire size is also the same as the earlier year F150: 215-75-15 and 235-75-15 respectively. 

1989 Ford F-150 Tire Size

Like the 88, F150, the Ford model also went with the 215mm and 235mm width tires. And the rim size is the same, 15-inch. The models this tire size fits are Custom 4×2 (GVWR 5250), Custom 4×2 (GVWR 6100), Custom 4×4 and other 89, Ford trucks.

1988 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The 88, Ford F150 still uses the 15-inch rim. However, it renounced the 195 width tires and only kept the 235 and 215 mm width wheels. 

1987 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The F150, 1987 edition has the same tire sizes 235-75-15, 195-75-15, 215-75-15 with a 15-inch rim size. 

1986 Ford F-150 Tire Size

It also has 15-inch rim size with tire sizes 215-75-15, 235-75-15 and 195-75-15. And similar to the others, you can pair the tires with any Ford F150 models like XLT Lariat 4×2 (GVWR 4800), XL 4×2 (GVWR 5250), 4×2 (GVWR 6100), 4×4 and other models that came up that year.

1985 Ford F-150 Tire Size

Similar to the 84, Ford, the 1985 Ford F150 uses 235-75-15, 195-75-15, 215-75-15 tires. And you can use them with any F150 options such as 4×2 (GVWR 4800), XL 4×2 (GVWR 4800), XLT Lariat 4×2 (GVWR 5250) and more. 

1984 Ford F-150 Tire Size

The 1984 Ford F150 has three different tires. You’ve got the 235-75-15, 195-75-15 and the 215-75-15.

So, it is also a 15-inch rim wheel. This size tires go great with 4×2 (GVWR 4800), XLT 4×2 (GVWR 5250) and other Ford F150 variants. 

1983 Ford F-150 Tire Size

Let’s start with the older models. The F150 1983 edition has a 15-inch rim. So, the tire sizes it fits are 215-75-15, 235-75-15. That means the truck can have 215 or 235 mm width tires.

The 75 is the aspect ratio. This number represents the size of the sidewall compared to the section width of the tire. 

And the last number that you see in the serial tells the rim size. Also, the 10-15 size chart simplifies things by only providing the width and rim size.

Ford Tire Size Chart Guide
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So, you now know what all the tire sizes mean. Therefore, you can pick up the right size tire for your Ford F150 on your own. Also, I’ve provided the tire size chart so you can find the right size wheel for your ride. 

Now, just go out and enjoy the ride.

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