Top 10 Best Sounding Exhaust for F150

Top 10 Best Sounding Exhaust for F150 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Hearing the perfect note whenever your engine starts up is a satisfying feeling. A lot of factors affect the sound generated by your cars like the number of cylinders, tubing sizes, and many more. But the most influential among all of these is your exhaust system.

There are many exhausts in the market, and it isn’t easy to choose the right one. If you’ve been looking for the best sounding exhaust for F 150, then you’ve come to the right place.

This article is complete with everything that you’ll need to know about sounding exhausts, including a comprehensive list of the best ones in the market. Let’s go straight to it because there are tons to talk about.

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F150 Sounding Exhaust Comparison

Benefits of Sounding Exhaust Systems on a Ford F150

Well, having a sounding exhaust system is very crucial as it can provide various benefits, and the following are some of them:

Giving Tone

A good sounding exhaust system can give you the right tone for your car. You can either go with a loud sound or a more moderate volume sound to stay under the radar. Whichever you choose, there is a sounding exhaust to accommodate your preference.

Aesthetic Purposes

This also adds a unique look to your car to make it stand out from all the others. Exhaust systems can bring more benefits to your car other than giving it a nice engine sound and a cool look. So, it’s important to choose the best one.

Optimum Performance

The exhaust system you go with can either improve or degrade the performance of your car. If you choose the right one, it will be able to give you better mileage and improve the car’s overall durability. Some can even increase the torque and horsepower of your vehicle.

Durability and Fuel Economy

Durability is also one of the benefits of having a sounding exhaust system since this can significantly enhance your car’s overall durability. And if the system has a great design, it will be able to provide better fuel efficiency for your car.

10 Best Sounding Exhaust for F150 Reviews

These sounding exhausts are sure to level up your car’s performance and produce just the right level of volume you’ll need. You will never go wrong with choosing from any of these. Just read on to get the best one according to your needs and preferences.

1. MBRP S5326AL 2.5" Cat-Back, Single Side Exhaust System

MBRP has been in the exhaust industry for over 20 years now, and they’ve managed to manufacture some impressive products, and this first one is one of them. This has a design that closely resembles their Pro series and the same top-notch performance.

The structure of this exhaust system is mostly made of aluminized steel that’s heavy-duty so it can take the wear and tear that comes with frequent use. And because it uses aluminized steel, it doesn’t cost as much as others, but it still delivers great quality.

It produces a sound at a moderate volume so you can still have a pleasant sound without drawing too much attention. To increase airflow, it is designed with mandrel bending. Other than that, it also increases horsepower and torque of your car.

Adding to its overall durability is its exhaust tips constructed using T-304 stainless steel. This is sure to last a lot longer compared to others. Installing it is also fairly easy because there will be no need for any drilling or welding.

Other features of the MBRP S5326AL 2.5″ Single Side Exhaust System include:

  • Easier to install.
  • Has a durable build.
  • Increases torque and horsepower.
  • Produces sound at just the right volume.

2. Roush 421711 F-150 Cat-Back Exhaust

This next one is from Roush, another long-time manufacturer in the business, but aside from exhausts, they also specialize in several other products like performance parts, crate engines, and vehicles. When it comes to durability and efficiency, this has top-notch features.

Everything from the outlet, inlet, muffler, and y-pipes are made from high-quality 409 stainless steel. This not only strengthens the structure, but it also increases its corrosion resistance so it won’t get easily damaged when you encounter wet or muddy roads and rainy weather.

Its tips, on the other hand, are made of 304 stainless steel, which is widely used for a variety of applications because of its excellent value and high corrosion resistance. The tips have also been chrome-flashed for added durability.

Much more, the piping system uses a mandrel-bent design to promote maximum airflow throughout the system. It can produce a more booming sound that will turn heads.

All in all, it has all the features you could ever ask for, there’s no question that it is one of the best sounding exhaust for Ford F150.

Other features of the Roush 421248 11-14 F-150 Exhaust include:

  • Made of highly durable metals.
  • Has high corrosion resistance.
  • Designed for maximum airflow.
  • Produces a more booming sound.

3. Flowmaster 817707 Outlaw Extreme Kit

If you’re looking for an exhaust system that will be sure to let everyone know you’re coming with a blaring sound, then this one is worth considering. Not only does it provide you with a great engine sound, but it also has other features that are worth noting.

Flowmaster is a pioneer manufacturer of exhaust systems and also other kits for cars, so it will come as no surprise that this 817707 Outlaw exhaust system is nothing short of impressive. The exterior side looks very sleek since it has a stealthy black finish, and it will effortlessly blend in with your car.

This is made of stainless steel, which contributes to its overall structural durability. With this high-quality metal alloy, it will be sure to last longer compared to others, so you’ll be able to save much more from untimely replacements.

The muffler technology it uses has been race-proven, and even though it has an aggressive sound, your neighbors aren’t going to be bothered because it’s not deafening but pleasant to the ears.

Overall, it will be a worthy investment, and it won’t disappoint you.

Other features of the Flowmaster 817707 Outlaw Extreme include:

  • Has a nice black finish.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Produces an aggressive and pleasant sound.
  • Boasts a race-proven muffler feature.

4. MBRP S5260BLK 3" Cat-Back

The next exhaust system on this list is another one from the well-known manufacturer, MBRP. They have so many great products, and this is just one of them. This has a lot of impressive features that completely justifies its spot on this list.

Like most exhausts from MBRP, this is also very easy to install because there will be no need to weld or drill it in the process, it has a convenient bolt-on installation design.

When it comes to durability, it has fully sealed seams that help it to resist corrosion, and it has a black coat finish that’s not only pleasing to the eyes but is also formulated to withstand strong heat and other extreme conditions. This will surely last long and give you your money’s worth.

Its pipe system is designed to maximize the airflow inside the entire system so that it minimizes exhaust temperature, leading to much better fuel efficiency. Overall, it will be able to deliver optimum performance and upgrade your car.

Other features of the MBRP S5260BLK 3″ Cat Back, Single Side include:

  • Minimizes fuel consumption.
  • It has a corrosion-resistant feature.
  • Can handle the heat and extreme conditions.
  • Designed for easier installation.

5. MBRP S5259AL Aluminized Steel 4" Single Cat-Back

Adding to this list is an exceptional single cat-back exhaust system from MBRP. Aside from giving your engine a pleasing sound, it also offers great durability. There are other features incorporated in its design that you’ll find impressive.

Its structure is mostly made of aluminized steel that’s designed for heavy-duty use. This is sure to add more years to its service life so you won’t be needing replacements anytime soon.

When looking at most budget-friendly exhausts, corrosion resistance is not a usual feature, but this one is different. It has corrosion-resistant seams even with its low price point. This is perfect if you’re looking for high quality without breaking the bank.

Like most of MBRP’s products, this is designed to increase fuel efficiency so you can save more money in the long run. It does this by maximizing its exhaust flow so that the exhaust temperature is lowered.

In terms of sound intensity, it produces just the right volume that will draw attention, but not too much.

Other features of the MBRP S5259AL Aluminized Steel include:

  • Increases fuel efficiency.
  • Sound intensity is not too loud.
  • More affordable than its competitors.
  • Has good corrosion resistance.
  • Built with durable materials.

6. Flowmaster 817478 Cat-Back Exhaust System

A new exhaust system is a great upgrade for your Ford truck, and if you haven’t found the right one for you yet, this next one might be it. This is equipped with great features, and it is one of the best in the market.

If you’re the type that doesn’t want something too loud or too distracting, this will be perfect for you. It produces sound at a moderate level, but you’ll still be able to tell its difference from factory cars.

Installing this will be fairly easy; if you bring it to a professional for installation, you won’t have to wait too long because it has a bolt-design that will no longer need any additional welding or drilling.

Its piping system is composed of mandrel bents to further enhance its sound quality and, most importantly, maximize the airflow inside the system. And since it’s built with stainless steel, it will be sure to handle the wear and tear it will experience during use.

Other features of the Flowmaster 817478 Cat-Back include:

  • Has a bolt-on design for easy installation.
  • Uses durable materials in its construction.
  • Maximizes airflow.
  • Not too loud.

7. Roush 421145 Exhaust System

The Roush 421145 is a more budget-friendly option, perfect if you’re looking to upgrade your ride without having to go above and beyond your budget. But just because it’s more affordable doesn’t mean it can’t give you the quality you deserve.

This produces an aggressive growl that’s pretty cool and pleasing to every car enthusiast’s ears but also not too loud to disturb your neighbors. And it has a durable build that will be able to lengthen its service life.

One of its great features is its versatility. It can be installed on a variety of Ford models manufactured from 2011 to 2014. Installing it won’t be a problem either because it will require only minimum modifications on your vehicle, depending on its model.

Not only that, but it also enhances your vehicle’s torque and power, thanks to its free-flow design. You won’t ask for anything more; it’s durable, efficient, and, most of all, affordable. This would be a great investment for your vehicle.

Other features of the Roush 421248 F-150 Exhaust include:

  • Has a much more affordable price range.
  • Compatible with various Ford car models.
  • Increases torque and power.
  • Requires no vehicle modification upon installation.

8. aFe Power 49-46030-B Rebel Series Performance Exhaust System

The aFe Power 49-46030-B Rebel Series is one of the best sounding exhausts for Ford F-150 Ecoboost. There are a lot of things that you’re going to like about this, namely its durability, convenience, and many more.

It is mainly made of aluminized steel that is mandrel-bent so it can maximize airflow in the system. The high-quality steel increases its overall durability and resistance to wear.

There are also band clamps and a flange with an OE style included in its design; all these help to prevent any possible leakages for much better performance. Its tips are made of stainless steel with a black finish for a sleeker look. This also helps to resist heat damages and vibrations during use.

Installation won’t be any trouble because it’s designed for convenient and fast installing. There might only be minimal modifications needed for your vehicle, or in some cases none at all. With this, you’ll be able to enhance the performance of your Ford-150 significantly and give it its unique sound.

Other features of the aFe Power 49-46030-B Rebel Series include:

  • Highly durable.
  • Designed for easy installation.
  • Prevents leakages.
  • Capable of handling and minimizing heat or vibration.

9. BORLA 140616BC Exhaust System

Not only a better sounding but also a better-looking truck is now within your reach with the BORLA 140616BC. It gives your truck that touch of uniqueness, and it will be sure to turn heads when you drive across the road.

This creates a blaring sound, but at just the right sound level, so it won’t be annoying to the surrounding people. The structure is made of high-quality austenitic stainless steel that’s well-known for its exceptional corrosion resistance and toughness.

Its exhaust tips have a black chrome finish for a cooler look that will blend in seamlessly with your car. When it comes to installing it, you won’t experience much struggle because it will only require your basic hand tools, and it comes complete with all the other hardware you’ll be needing.

To give you a much clearer sound quality, it has a technology known as Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetics (ATAK). With this feature, your sound will not experience any distortion. Overall, considering its many impressive features, it will make a great choice.

Other features of the BORLA 140616BC Exhaust include:

  • Installation is very easy.
  • The materials used are highly durable.
  • Reduces distortion and increases sound quality.
  • Boasts a corrosion-resistant structure.

10. MBRP S5256AL AL 3" Single Side Exit Cat Back

The last one on this list is part of MBRP’s Installer series, and like all of its many exhaust systems, it offers optimum performance and a long line of other features that enhance its durability and give better convenience.

It uses aluminized steel for most of its construction; this gives it great durability, and it also doesn’t add much to its overall weight. Despite the high-quality materials it uses, it still comes at a more affordable price compared to its other competitors.

The sound it produces is around the medium level, which is just enough so you won’t be bothering anyone while you’re driving it around but also loud enough to let everyone notice it.

For its installation, it won’t require additional welding and drilling tasks. It is very convenient to install, and you won’t have to wait too long to have it ready for a ride around town. There are other features that it has to improve your car’s fuel efficiency and also its torque and horsepower for better performance.

Other features of the MBRP S5256AL AL 3″ Single Side Exit include:

  • Very easy to install.
  • Highly durable.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Improves fuel efficiency.
  • Has a more affordable price.

How to Choose a Good Sounding Exhaust for F150

Many products are available in the market for you to choose from. And there are many factors to consider before you finally choose an exhaust system for your F 150 truck.

These factors include durability, convenient installation, sound quality, and many more. So, before deciding which one is the best for you, here are the factors you need to check.


This is one of the most important factors when choosing an exhaust system. It is essential to check the materials used for its structure because this will either degrade or upgrade its overall durability. The better the durability, the longer it will be able to last so you’ll save more in the long run.

Corrosion resistance is also a huge factor when it comes to durability. Since you can’t sometimes avoid driving on wet and muddy roads or during rainy days, it is important that it won’t easily get damaged by these conditions.

Sound Quality

Each exhaust system offers a different level of sound intensity, so it’s best to choose whichever will suit your needs. An exhaust that produces medium level sound is much more suitable if you mostly drive in your neighborhood to avoid disturbing other people.

If you’re more of a racer, you can also opt for a louder exhaust. A distorted sound can be pretty annoying, so it is best if the device has features to improve sound quality.

Convenient Installation

You wouldn’t want an exhaust system that will require too many modifications on your car. It will cost much more to have it professionally installed, and it will take much longer to get the job done. Some exhaust systems have a bolt-on design, and these are usually much easier to install compared to others.


Other than giving your vehicle a cool and distinct sound, an exhaust system should also be able to level up its overall performance. There are ones that improve the fuel efficiency of your car by promoting proper airflow and reducing the build-up of high temperatures in the system.

Some are also capable of increasing torque or horsepower. Having these features in check before buying an exhaust system is important because it won’t only assure a better riding experience, but it will also give you the best value for your money.


There’s no denying that exhaust systems tend to cost a lot, but there are also more affordable options if you don’t want to go beyond your budget. Before buying anything, it’s important to check its features because this will determine if the price you’re paying is really worth it.

If you’re fine with spending a few more dollars, then you can opt for the more expensive ones as long as their performance can justify the price they have. This will ensure that you won’t be overspending on something that won’t be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I self-install an exhaust system?

Installing an exhaust system is a hard job, and you might need relevant knowledge to get the job done right, so it’s best to have it done by a professional.

How loud should a sounding exhaust be?

This will depend on your preference, but it’s always best to have the people around you in mind when choosing the sound level for your car. A medium sound level will be enough to get people’s attention without annoying them.

Can a sounding exhaust increase horsepower?

Yes, this is possible, but it will depend on the design of the system. Some can even increase torque. But while other products are capable of this, there are some that are not, so it’s best to check their specifications.

What is the difference between a cat-back and axle-back exhaust system?

Their main difference is that while an axle-back system replaces everything from your exhaust tip to your rear axle, a cat-back system changes all the parts from your exhaust tips to your catalytic converter.

Is a bigger pipe and muffler system better?

A bigger pipe and muffler system doesn’t necessarily mean a better one. There has to be a balance between the proportion of its sizes because if it has a size that’s too large, it can degrade the thermal efficiency of the system.


There are many things to consider before finally deciding on which sounding exhaust system is better, but with this article, you’ll be sure to pick the best sounding exhaust for F 150.

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