Best Shocks For Ford F150 4x4 Truck

Best Shocks For Ford F150 4×4 [2020 Reviews For Renowned 4×4 Truck]

So you took your Ford for a spin with them boys and you don’t want to stop. It’s “Fast and Furious” all over again. A race with your homies won’t be a problem.

However, with your car having no shock absorber can be one hell of a bummer. When you hit the bumpy roads, you won’t have a smooth riding experience.

Well, you can get your hands on the best shocks for Ford and say goodbye to all the hard times. We’re going to show you the top 10 of them.

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Best Shocks for Ford F150 4×4 Comparison

Shocks for Ford F150 4×4 Brand Product Dimensions
Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit for Ford F-150 Bilstein 10 x 10 x 30 inches
Rancho RS999910 Quick Lift Loaded Strut Rancho No
Rough Country 2" Leveling Kit Rough Country 24.75 x 13.5 x 6.75 inches
Detroit Axle 4WD Detroit Axle 25 x 9 x 20 inches
Bilstein 33256764 Shock Absorber Bilstein 9.99 x 9.99 x 9.99 inches
Rancho RS5251 RS5000 Series Shock Rancho No
SENSEN 4061 for 97-03 Ford F150 Sensen Shocks & Struts 23.75 x 3.5 x 2.75 inches
Monroe 58643 Adjust Shock Absorber Monroe 25.5 x 7.2 x 3.7 inches
Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Bilstein No
DTA 70017 Full Set 2 Front Complete DRIVE TECH AMERICA No

10 Best Shocks for Ford F150 4×4 Reviews

We have studied and researched different shock absorbers that fit Ford F150 4×4. And finally singled out the below-given products for you. So, get yourself one of our products, we believe that you won’t be disappointed.

1. Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit for Ford F-150

Want to get rid of abrupt shaking while on a ride? Then, get the Bilstein 5100 shock and it’ll do a hell of a job to give you a smooth ride.

For ensuring great balance and less impact, it comes in a monotube design. So, your off-road trail will be much more pleasing than before.

Since a shock works by a compressed and elongated movement, it consumes oil for the job. Thanks to its 46mm diameter tube which can retain more oil to give joint stability on a rougher road.

Plus, the zinc-plated finish of this ultra-steel masterpiece from Bilstein 5100 is corrosion-resistant.

Besides, you’ll get the flexibility of adjusting the height as this series for Ford F150 brings with the adjustable kit.

It’s not a cold piece of work to set this up on your truck because of its bolt-on installation. Boy-oh-boy! Which can be the best shocks for Ford F150 other than this.

Other features of the Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Kit include:

  • Monotube design.
  • 46mm diameter tube.
  • Zinc-Plated finish.
  • Bolt-on installation.
  • Good handling.
  • Smooth suspension.
  • Very durable.
  • Easy to install.

2. Rancho RS999910 Quick Lift Loaded Strut

Give your car a stylish strut while ensuring exact brakes and maximum tire contact with the Rancho quick LIFT RS999910.

Since we are talking about style, it comes with a tri tube mono-flow design. So, you’ll get an exceptional performance on every boulevard in pizzazz.

Besides, it can weather the storm on tough and off-road for a long time thanks to the liquid metallic silver finish.

Basically, a shock works in a cycle of topping out and bottoming out motion. That’s why it has been equipped with a polyurethane bumper of high strength to ensure maximum rebound control under harsh driving situations. Thus, you’ll get phenomenal riding incidents.

This quick LIFT RS999910 model from Rancho is a breeze to install. That’s because it has coil spring as well as upper mount plate being pre-assembled. Therefore, it takes only 20 minutes per wheel to install without the need for equipment.

Boasting with 9 tuning technology, it fits on any vehicles. It also has wireless technology to deliver you the flexibility of controlling this strut from inside the car.

This strut will also protect the underbelly of your truck on rough terrain as it can clear up to 35-inch tires. Therefore, give your SUV or truck a custom look having an A1 control.

Other features of the Rancho RS999910 Quick Lift include:

  • Mono-Flow tri tube design.
  • Liquid metallic silver finish.
  • Polyurethane bumper.
  • Pre-assembled and durable.
  • Stylish strut.
  • Good vehicle control.
  • Simple to install.
  • Easy to use.

3. Rough Country 2" 2009-2019 F150 Suspension System 52230

Trucks are mostly used for off-roads along with a little on road experience. The Rough Country F150 Suspension System is here to fabulously back you up on both the roads indeed.

It is made of heavy-duty composite materials to prevent succumb as well as rust settling on to the element. As a result, it spins on the toughest road in the harshest weather effortlessly.

What makes it one of the best shocks for Ford F150 is the premium N3 shock absorbers. Loaded with a piston rod in a durable 18mm spring, it dampens vibration both on and off-roads all along.

Plus, this Rough Country Suspension System can meet up OEM geometry to give you a quality ride every time.

Installing this 2-inch leveling lift kit is a no-brainer, as it has bolt-on design. As a result, you don’t have to disassemble the factory strut to fill in this kit.

Besides, it essentially levels the front of the truck with the rear. Along with the leveling, it provides enough height for a smooth ride by lifting the truck 2-inches higher to allow tires up to 33-inch.

Other features of the Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit (fits) include:

  • Heavy-Duty composite materials.
  • N3 shocks absorbers.
  • OEM Geometr.
  • Bolt-On installation.
  • Rust-Resistant.
  • Dampens vibration ceaselessly.
  • Improves control and handling.
  • Easy to install.

4. Detroit Axle 171361 Front Quick Strut & Spring

We often stumble regarding quality, power and efficiency whenever going for an aftermarket ride control product. No worries, the Detroit Axle 171361 meets up the OE quality. So, you are literally getting a factory standard strut which you can rely on.

It has been manufactured with a bolt-on design to ignore the requirements of tuning and usage of multiple tools. As a result, it won’t take much of your time and effort during installation.

Besides, this strut comes in a full assembly so that you can get your hands on various things necessary to work in your car. This complete set includes springs, soil, mount, and front, left and right struts.

This shock absorber from Detroit Axle boasts with OEM design to fit directly. Just remove the existing worn out strut and replace it with this complete strut assembly masterpiece.

Plus, intending to fortify every Ford F150 truck owner, the Detroit Axle has specifically built it suitable for 4×4 models.

Other features of the Detroit Axle 4WD – Front Quick Strut include:

  • OE quality.
  • Bolt-On design.
  • Full strut assembly.
  • Fits all 4×4 models.
  • Strongly made.
  • High performance.
  • Installation is simple.
  • Efficient kit.

5. Bilstein 33256764 Shock Absorber

If you are someone who wants faster and smooth shock absorber, it is the Bilstein Shock absorber that you need.

It boasts a hydraulic gas spring in which the air doesn’t get to mix with the fluid to form foam, resulting in awful performance. Rather it supports the spring to store energy for handling rigorous jostle under high-speed driving. Therefore, the truck will always be under your control.

The Bilstein BB 5100 Shock absorber has made its tube in a mono design to increase the durability by dispersing the heat ceaselessly.

In addition of being durable, it has the power to combat rust and corrosion effectively. Thanks to the multilayer zinc-plating, without which it would not be possible.

To reduce your stress in regard to installation, this shock absorber is manufactured in bolt-on design. Therefore, if you want to install it solitarily, just fix this shock into the bolt and you are ready to roll n’ spin.

Plus, when it comes to adjusting the height, it gives you the ability to fix the truck from 0 – 1.0 inch peak.

Other features of the Bilstein 33256764 Shock Absorber include:

  • Hydraulic gas spring.
  • Monotube design.
  • Zinc-Plating multilayer.
  • Bolt-On design.
  • Gives proper control.
  • Very enduring.
  • Rust-Resistant.
  • Very simple to install.

6. Rancho RS5000 Series Shock

When it comes to trust and dependence, it is the Rancho RS5000 shock absorbers you can rely on and many have trusted it from 1985 till now.

This shock absorber boasts a ten-stage sensitive valving function. As a result, you’ll get the freedom and ductility of tuning it on each different vehicle.

In addition to that, it has been welded with double loops for providing extra resilience and strength.

This shock absorber from Rancho RS5000 goes into the rank of best shocks for trucks due to the remarkable rubber seal. The seal conserves oil and gas to reduce the friction of the piston at the same time working as a self-lubricating system. So, lower friction translates to a long-lasting life span.

Let’s not forget the 33mm piston that allows to accord maximum performance in the worst environment. It also has a 16mm piston rod to fortify the shock absorber.

Plus, the Rancho RS5500X gave a thought on protecting the shock from on and off-road driving abuses. That’s why it ensures the protection by providing a red boot polyvinyl accordion. Therefore, no matter how rough and tough the roads you hit, this shock won’t get damaged.

Other features of the Rancho RS5000 Series Shockinclude:

  • Ten-Stage sensitive valving.
  • Double welded loops.
  • Rubber seal.
  • Red boot polyvinyl protection.
  • Flexible tuning.
  • Robust and sturdy.
  • Long-Lasting piston.
  • Suitable in any environment.
  • Durable shock.

7. SENSEN 4061 for 97-03 Ford F150

Whether you get a hard time installing this shock absorber or not, the SENSEN 4061  has been designed for a direct fit. So, you don’t need to cut and drill for installing this.

Plus, it’s a twin-tube gas-pressurized shock. It prevents oil foaming to provide much-wanted strength and durability. That being said, it uses nitrogen gas for carrying out this job effortlessly.

Besides, the SENSEN 4061 shock absorbers have proudly earned ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 certificates for maintaining the quality.

As for quality, this strut has been made from materials that go beyond OE specifications. Therefore, it’s not going to lease you remember the original one for a single moment owing to its splendid quality.

Other features of the SENSEN 4061 Full Set of Shocks include:

  • Direct fit design.
  • Twin-Tube design.
  • Nitrogen gas-charged.
  • OE specification.
  • Effortless to install.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Faster performance.
  • High-Quality shock absorbers.

8. Monroe 58643 Adjust Shock Absorber

Do you own a light truck that carries loads on and off-roads? Set the Monroe 58643 shock absorber and hit the road.

It has a banded piston with Fluon which acts as a seal between the piston and pressure. As a result, you’ll get better control along with higher durability.

Plus, the shock absorber has filled itself with all-weather fluid to minimize the friction, therefore you get smooth rod reaction.

Don’t freak out if your truck gets loaded with thousands of pounds, as  the shock absorber is equipped with a heavy-gauge calibrated spring. It will back you up with additional control and comfort along with maintaining the ride height.

Besides, the Monroe 58643 has been manufactured to withstand irrespective of roads and weather.

In addition to being durable, this shock absorbers boast full displaced valving that has gone through specific tuning. Therefore, it’ll efficiently adjust to the roads for giving you a lot smoother and consistent ride.

Other features of the Monroe 58643 MONROE LOAD ADJUST include:

  • Fluon banded piston.
  • All-Weather fluid.
  • Heavy-Gauge spring.
  • Full displaced valving.
  • Durable piston.
  • Smooth suspension.
  • It can carry heavy loads.
  • Maintains height.
  • Proper control.

9. Bilstein 5100 Series Shock

If you want your truck to have the best shock absorbers to support during every trail, get the Bilstein 5100 Series Shock absorbers.

To give you accurate damping under any temp, this strut is built around in monotube design which can contain more oil. But it also efficiently dissipates the heat to provide excellent performance. Therefore, it’ll produce a subtle damping force without a hitch.

This shock boasts a digressive piston of 46mm diameter that can adapt road changes in no time. Therefore, whether on rough or smooth road, your control will always be precise.

Since they use heat when damping, the shocks lose the efficiency of damping. ‘Fade’ is the name of this mechanism. Well, no worries, the Bilstein 5100 being gas-charged shocks will intercept this loss of performance. As a result, you’ll get a long time jostling free ride.

Plus, it is equipped with valving that acts as self-adjusting will deliberately provide full damping control on the road.

Besides, all these functional 33-187501 Bilstein 5100 Series Shock absorbers come with high-quality steel with zinc-plated finish. But what makes it strong and bold is the Triple-C coating.

Other features of the Bilstein 33-187501 5100 Series Shock include:

  • Designed in monotube.
  • 46mm diameter piston.
  • Gas-Charged.
  • Deflecting self-adjusting disc valving.
  • Triple-C coating.
  • Well damping.
  • Fantastic handling.
  • Efficient performance.
  • Durable and sturdy.

10. DTA 70017 4-pc Set 2004-08 Ford F150 4WD

It’s not always that you have to spend more money and get less in return. The DTA 70017 comes with 4-pc to provide you a complete set and that too at an affordable price.

This set includes 2 pcs of front complete strut assemblies as well as 2 pcs of rear shocks. Not only that, the front strut also contains pre-assembled replacement parts to reduce both the installation time and effort. Therefore, you’ll have more comfort in riding on and off-road.

One of the kits that deserves to be mentioned is the spring seats. They’ll make sure that you along with your passenger feel less vibration and more comfort during every ride.

Plus, it shows off  a piston seal made of Teflon banded that actively prevents the flow of sv3 fluid through the cylinder head.

Worthy of mention that the sv3 fluid is also known as all-weather fluid. Therefore, despite harsh roads and/or weather, it’ll give you consistent performance.

Moreover, the shock absorbers have been manufactured as gas-charged. The gas helps to reduce aeration for increasing valving range, thereby, better control even in extreme vibration.

This complete set from DTA 70017 has given a high-quality powder coat over the springs to make it long-lasting by preventing rust and corrosion.

Other features of the DTA 70017 4-pc Set 2004-08 Ford F-150 4WD include:

  • Complete set.
  • Teflon banded piston seal.
  • Gas-Charged.
  • Powder-coated coil spring.
  • Full pre-assembled fit set.
  • Easy to install.
  • Amazing control.
  • Efficient damping.
  • Corrosion-Resistant spring.

Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Shocks For Ford F150 4x4

You’re this close from the ending of your quest for quality shocks for Ford F150. We believe that you’ve carefully read our reviews and came to the conclusion of choosing the product. But you need to consider some important factors before you buy.


The first and foremost specialty of a shock absorber is the material from which it is made. If the materials aren’t of top quality, it’s not going to last in a coon’s age. Most of the shock absorbers are made of steel and aluminum. While steel is more durable than aluminum, they are heavy in weight.

On the contrary, aluminum weighs less in weight but falls behind than steel in terms of durability. Besides, a large number of manufacturers give different types of coating such as zinc-plated coat, Triple-C coat to prevent rust and corrosion.

Stainless steel also doesn’t need coating. Likewise, aluminum owing to its oxides’ natural behave can prevent rust and corrosion without any kind of coating. Because it reacts with moisture and heat for making itself self-coating materials. 

Types of Shock Absorbers

You have to be confirmed about which type of shock absorbers shall fit your vehicle. Otherwise, all the sweats and money might go in vain. Generally, shock absorbers fall in categories namely automatic, air, gas, overload, heavy-duty.

The problem that you might face is to figure out which type of shock to fit your truck. Well, your mechanic can sort this out.

However, since Ford F150 4×4 is often used to carry weights, it’s a rule of thumb to use heavy-duty shock absorbers.

Tube Design

Shock absorbers have either monotube or twin-tube contained within it.

The monotube is designed for using off-road to give proper control and smooth handling. On the contrary, twin-tube is designed to give Ford owner comfortable ride on road.


If you want to save some bucks along with the hassle of installation, many shock absorbers come with clear and easy installation instructions. Still, some are modified and designed explicitly which need the help of experts.

However, we have included most of the products that come with bolt-on installation which are ready to fit directly, thereby, easy to install.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a strut and shock absorbers?

Naturally, a vehicle can either have strut or shock absorbers, never both on them. Though shocks and struts do the same job, the design varies between them.

Struts are used on every front-wheel as they are the structural part of the suspension system. Shocks however are a key component of suspension system which helps the vehicle to remain in contact with the road. Without shocks, every car would start to hop n’ bounce on the road.

When to change shock absorbers?

It is to follow by most vehicle owners and mechanics that shock absorbers should be changed in pairs after every 50,000 miles.

How do I know if shocks are worn?

There are lots of symptoms you’ll notice if you are having worn shocks. A worn shock will definitely make your car move by a side wind, non-uniform tire contact with the road.

Then, if you feel huge shake and jostle by driving over minor road bump, it’s a sign of worn shock. Though there are many symptoms along with these, you get the idea.

Is it necessary to replace front and back shock at the same time?

No, it’s not necessary but recommended for a replacement in pairs. That is both front struts along with rear shocks. As a result, the absorbing capacity of new shocks will be much greater than the older one.


Well, that was everything on the best shocks for Ford. Now that you’ve gone through all the reviews, you won’t have any problem getting the best riding experience.

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