Best Mud Flaps for Ford F150

Best Mud Flaps For F150 [2020 Reviews]

Taking your Ford F150 for a spin can be fun. But once your beast runs on the muddy roads, nothing will save your truck from getting all those messy looks except for a good set of mud flaps.

Often overlooked, mud flaps are the only thing that saves your car from getting all those mud-splash. They’re like the Supers that fight against all the dirt and grime to make sure your vehicle stays protected.

So, if you don’t want your vehicle to get messed up, you better get the best mud flaps for Ford F150.

Need some recommendations? Here are our top picks.

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Ford F150 Mud Flaps Comparison

Ford F150 Mud Flaps Brand Product Dimensions
Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps 2015-2020 Red Hound Auto 3 x 1 x 4 inches
Husky Liners 58456 Husky Liners No
WeatherTech WeatherTech No
Husky Liners 57591 Fits 2004-14 Husky Liners 3.25 x 11.25 x 19 inches
WeatherTech 110053 Mud Flap WeatherTech No
2015 Ford F150 Front & Rear Black Molded Splash Guards Mud Flap Ford No
Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Red Hound Auto 19.25 x 9 x 12.5 inches
REK GEN Mud Flaps Compatible REK GEN 20 x 16 x 2.5 inches
Husky Liners 17104 Kick Back Husky Liners No
SUNPIE Car Mud Flaps Universal Fit Black SUNPIE 15 x 11.5 x 0.3 inches

10 Best Mud Flaps For Ford F150 Review

Now that you’re on the quest to find the mud flaps that will safeguard your truck, we have outlined the excellent guards that’ll please you. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list.

1. Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps 2015-2020

If you don’t wanna see disgusting mud or dirt all wrapping up the fender and door, try the Red Hound Mud Flaps. It’ll shield your vehicle from every whacking of the road.

Since every car more or less rides on the harshest road, it needs a flap that can withstand anything. That’s why these mud flaps are built rigidly with the heavy-duty polymer to assure excellent protection.

Plus, the flaps come in a full set of 4 pieces to cover both the front and rear tire. It is also a piece of cake to install by following the included instruction, which requires no hardware tools.

The Red Hound will give an aesthetic look while preventing the filths as it has been molded in a beautiful factory look.

Moreover, these mud flaps will snugly fit on the Ford F150 2000-2015 without the small OEM fenders. Thanks to the definite mind-blowing design.

Besides, the flaps are enough to give maximum protection from water, dirt that flies up aggressively toward the fender or door of the car. However, they won’t come in the way when you make a turn.

Other features of the Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps include:

  • Very durable owing to heavy-duty construction.
  • Complete set for full-proof safety.
  • Easy to install with the instruction.
  • Adds up aesthetic with the beautiful design.
  • Maximum width for more coverage.

2. Husky Liners Fits 2015-20 Ford F-150

Are you searching for the best mudguards for f150 that will add a sleek look? Consider the Husky Liners Fits as it comes in charismatic black textured color.

Your F150 warrior rides through scorching, freezing road relentlessly, thereby, faces lots of abuses. That’s why it boasts thermoplastic body materials to withstand the extreme conditions both on and off-road.

These Mud Guards from the Husky Liners are tailored to fit your truck regardless of models. The set brings rear and front guard for shielding the whole truck from filths.

Though it doesn’t fit on vehicles with OEM fender flaps, you can install it with no drill while keeping the tires on.

However, these mudguards come in the utmost width so that it can give full tread coverage. As a result, there won’t be any disgusting road craps on the door or fenders of your luxurious truck.

Other features of the Husky Liners include:

  • Stylish texture for a dazzling look.
  • Thermoplastic material for durability.
  • Designed to adapt various models of truck.
  • Broadness to cover the tire completely.

3. WeatherTech 110002-120002 Mud Flaps

Don’t be afraid of taking your F-150 beast on a ride on the muddy road from now on. Get the WeatherTech 110002-120002 Mud Flaps, and they’ll protect the truck from every kicked-up hazards of the road.

It doesn’t matter if you’re spinning your car on the road or whizzing it, these flaps promise that your truck won’t get too much messy. Thus, to fulfill the oath of protection, these mud flaps come with a rigid thermoplastic resin body.

Introducing a new laser measuring method known as DigitalFit, each mud flap has been specially designed to fit every contour with ease. Therefore, the exterior of your vehicle won’t get the touch of road grimes or mud.

However, except for the fact that these flaps won’t fit vehicles with Factory Fender Flares, each of them ensures you all-season protection.

Besides, these mud flaps from WeatherTech boast a stainless Quick Turn fastening system for the effortless and time-efficient installation process. As a result, drilling on that lovely painted metal body of your truck is never gonna happen again.

Other features of the WeatherTech Mud Flaps include:

  • Thermoplastic resin body.
  • Laser measured contouring to fit various F-150 truck models.
  • All-season protection.
  • Stainless-steel quick turn fastening system.
  • Easy installation.

4. Husky Liners Custom Mud Guards Fits Ford F-150

You have been searching for the best mud guards for ford f150 to give maximum protection to your vehicle. Try the Husky Liners Custom Fits to secure the dazzling look of your Ford F-150.

Built with thermoplastic impact-resistant materials, these flaps ensure your car excellent protection. So, irrespective of intense shock or force, they will stand still as a barrier for a long time.

Plus, to flourish the elegance and beauty of your truck, these guards have been tailored to join with your fenders entirely. Besides, installing these guards takes a snap. Simply follow the instruction and use the included hardware.

The Husky Liners has also embedded a vehicle-specific pre-cut paint protection film within the mud flaps. By installing the film on the fender prior to the flaps, you’ll get extra protection to your vehicle’s paint.

These guards are unlike other products in our list that don’t fit with OEM fender flares as well as with running boards. Rather they’ll fit in like a good boy on almost all the F-150.

Moreover, owing to their broad span dimension, you can rest assured that factory tires will get full tread coverage.

Other features of the Husky Liners Custom Mud include:

  • Very enduring owing to impact-resistant material.
  • Easy to install with the included hardware.
  • Provides extra protection by a pre-cut protection film.
  • Full coverage of tires by the maximum width.

5. WeatherTech Custom Mud Flaps for Ford F-150 - Front & Rear Set Black

Coming up next, the Custom MudFlaps for Ford F-150 from the WeatherTech. You can do the guesswork how significantly it can do the job of protecting the exterior of the vehicle.

Likewise, these mudguards are built rigid and durable, thanks to the impact-resistant thermoplastic materials. Therefore, as long as you have these on your truck, nothing will ruin the beauty of your vehicle.

Plus, you don’t need to remove the tire or wheel. The Quick Turn fastening makes it easier to install the guards in no time. The set also comes with all the installation hardware along with instructions for your convenience.

Moreover, the WeatherTech Custom MudFlaps have been contoured to fit models for Ford F-150. As a result, you can fortify the trucks against the slush, chip, dirt with these mudguards.

Besides, you’ll get front and rear guard set to protect the entire vehicle’s fender, door lock, paint. These mudguards also boast maximum width to cover the factory tires’ entire tread.

Other features of the WeatherTech Custom Mud Flaps include:

  • Durable enough to withstand any road filths.
  • Easy to install without drilling.
  • Protects the whole exterior.
  • Fits like it was made for your vehicle.

6. 2015 Ford F150 Front & Rear Black Molded Splash Guards

Want to lay your hands on the best mudguards for f150? Then you might want to have a look at this unit for protection against road hazards.

These front and rear mudguards have been molded in a dazzling black style. They not only blend in with the style but also deflect rocks, debris, etc.

And of course, unlike other aftermarket products, these guards will fit just like any OEM parts.

Plus, these mud flaps are built heavy-duty and thick for withstanding road abuses. So, your Ford stays safe from any kind of damages.

Often the vehicle’s door becomes stinky and greasy by the tossed-up dirt and mud from the roads. Never again with this splash guard, as each of the guards comes in an extra-wide dimension to protect the vehicles from such filths.

Besides, you’ll be amazed to see the molded Ford logo in the rear guards. However, installing these guards is a breeze. All you need to do is, remove the plastic pop rivets and Voila!

Other features of the Ford F150 Front & Rear Black include:

  • Stylish mudguards to enliven the truck.
  • Designed to fit like an OEM part.
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability.
  • Wide enough to safe the vehicle.
  • Easy to install.

7. Red Hound Auto Premium Heavy Duty Molded 2004-2014

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, Red Hound Auto Premium steps in with its premium quality materials and performance. With these mudguards, you have the peace of mind of not thinking whatever the tires are kicking up.

Each guard is made of heavy-duty polymer and all-weather resistant materials. So, regardless of the harshest and cruelest road condition, it’ll back your truck up.

Plus, these mudguards have been molded to fit the F-150 only with the OEM fender flares. However, as soon as they are on, each of them snug and hug tightly like a glove for securing your truck from all the road abuses.

In addition, the Red Hound will reward you with the front and rear flaps to cover up the 4 wheels. Along with that, you won’t sweat while installing these guards as mounting tools and instruction will be provided.

However, these heavy-duty flaps from the Red Hound provide the utmost coverage for maximum protection from mud splashing. They boast sleek design with a textured finish that will invigorate the charm of your vehicle.

Other features of the Red Hound Auto Premium Heavy Duty include:

  • Heavy-duty construction for rigidity.
  • Fits tight to deflect messes of roads.
  • Installation is a breeze.
  • Max width for more coverage.

8. REK GEN Mud Flaps Compatible w/Tacoma Gen3

Whenever you are on and off-road with your Ford, you need extra advanced protection for the exterior part of the vehicle. That’s why get your hands on the REK GEN Mud Flaps to secure the beauty for a long time.

These mudguards are robust and durable thanks to the stainless steel construction. As a matter of fact, you’ll find it in versatile non-scratch finishes to décor your F-150 with a more aggressive look.

Plus, the flaps are designed according to the factory mounting location during the manufacturing process. As a result, you’ll find it a piece of cake to install as it doesn’t require any drill.

Moreover, installing hardware, along with well-guided instruction, comes with the set for your convenience. Intense protection is what the REK GEN mudguards promise to you in deflecting road debris, mud, pebbles, and tar whatsoever.

Besides, are you worried about the huge tires that you are planning to get? No worries, these mudguards boast max flex to cover such big tires from kicking up filths to your fender, door, and so on.

Other features of the REK GEN Mud Flaps Compatible include:

  • Stainless steel for providing durability and strength.
  • Different finishes for a versatile look.
  • Provides tools and instruction for easy installation.
  • Wide coverage for big tires.

9. Husky Liners Kick Back Mud Flaps

Is your truck getting a monster mud bath due to those mammoth tires? Give a try to the Husky Liners Kick Back to save the truck from the meanest of tires.

First of all, these mud flaps boast three different styles, such as for a solid black look; a Matte Blacktop and weight, whereas for a chrome flair; polished Stainless-Steel top and weight.

And if you wanna get the best of both worlds, try out a Blacktop with Stainless Steel weight. Thus, while protecting your monster truck from piles of mud, they’ll make your truck look handsome.

Don’t worry, you’ll get the option of choosing between 12″ and 14″ width so that they don’t come either short or long. Therefore, you’re getting optimum protection with flexible options.

Also, to ensure that these Husky Liners flaps can catch all grime, dirt, and debris, it shows off an 18-gauge stainless steel bracket. Irrespective of how much massive of a size the tires have, these flaps will catch everything.

As for the installation process, it’s simple as a snap. Though you’ll need to do some drill, the included hardware will make it easy for you.

Other features of the Husky Liners Kick Back Mud Flaps include:

  • Various style for versatile looks.
  • Wide enough for covering big tires’ kick-up.
  • Large room to trap messes.
  • Very easy to install.

10. SUNPIE Car Mud Flaps Universal Fit Black Splash Guards

Still searching for the best mud flaps for ford f150? Then put your search to an end with the SUNPIE Car Mud Flaps. It’s a universal splash guard that will fit SUVs, trucks, and cars for catching the debris relentlessly.

Though these mudguards are pure solid, flexibility is in their materials to prevent any kind of inconvenience during the ride.

Besides, each of the mud flaps has been molded in a wide dimension to supply the maximum coverage. As a result, car door, fender box, undercarriage, you name it, these don’t get soaked up with the mud and splash ruining your baby truck.

You can also decide on how much of the flap to stick out of the car as well as flare out. It’ll be fun, right?

On top of that, these mudguards from the SUNPIE delivers ultimate rally look to your truck with simple modifications. Therefore, safeguard your vehicle with style.

And when it comes to installation, it might take some time, but we bet you’ll enjoy it. Firstly, take a cardboard template according to the mud flap and mark the hole spots by lining up the template with the mounting holes. Drill the marked holes, ensuring that you are making the holes at the exact spot.

And finally, finish off by adding up the mudguards to the car.

Other features of the SUNPIE Car Mud Flaps Universal include:

  • Flexible in confronting any inconvenience.
  • Customizable for preferable setting.
  • Can be modified to get rally looks.
  • Well guided instruction for installation.

Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Mud Flaps For F150

Looking for a pair of mud flaps? With all these options in the market, choosing a mud flap for your precious auto-mobile might seem like a very daunting job. We wouldn’t want those shoulders carrying more stress than it can take.

Without mudguards, stones end up getting thrown by the tires against the body, and it damages the doors and undercarriage. We also wouldn’t want you to ruin that beautiful paint job you got done now, would we?

Here you’ll get to know all the important specs about mudguards. Sit tight, put on those reading glasses, and off we go!


When looking for mud flaps, the material is the most important specification. The mud flaps must be suitable for use in all types of extreme weather conditions. Most mud flaps are made from strong plastic and rubber, which makes them sturdy and resistant to cracking.

Some companies use thermoplastic material to produce the mud flaps so that they survive whatever mother nature throws at them. If the guards are easily bendable, then they will be easy to install and endure the rage of the road.

You should also be careful of bad hardware provided by the company; for example, they might rust pretty fast. You want to check out the individual reviews, they sure help a lot in this regard.

Compatibility with the Vehicle

There are tons of quality mud flaps out in the market, but the real question is, “Are they compatible with your car?” If it doesn’t have a secure fit, your beloved car will be out in that scary world without protection, and spending all that money and time will be meaningless.

Some mud flaps need drilling, some fit with fenders, and some don’t, while some are not suitable for models with factory style running boards. So, when looking for mudguards, you should check if the accessory is a fit for your vehicle.

Quality Testing

Did you know a lot of manufacturers make their products go through extreme quality tests to ensure your vehicle’s safety? Quality testing assures durability, undeniable protection, and, most importantly, your peace of mind.


While there is an ongoing hype about body-size not mattering in the present fashion world, the size of your mud flaps matters.

You wouldn’t want those guards flaring out too much in the air and making your car look unpleasant. Mudflaps come in all sorts of dimensions so that you can choose the most compatible one with your car and tires.


Don’t get swayed away by those luxury brand names, we know they can be very persuasive. But come on, it’s about your car’s safety. Weigh out the pros and cons of the products in your cart then decide. You might get the job done for half the price, that too, with good quality products just minus the fancy brand name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if I choose not to use any mud flap?

If you love giving away free money to car repair shops regularly, then nothing happens. And, if you don’t, get a mud flap.

Do I have to remove factory-installed parts to stall the flaps?

No, you don’t, in most cases. Seek help if you need it, though. Most of the ones in the above-mentioned list have easy installation. So, hopefully, you won’t need an extra hand.

Do they come in a set of 2 or 4?

Usually, they come in a set of 4. Of course, because you have two sets of wheels. But we can’t make any promises since some brands may decide to do otherwise.

With factory fender flares, do extra mud flaps fit?

Yes, they do. They are there, especially for extra protection for your sweet ride.

What is OEM? And is it important?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It depends on your preference. If it fits and does the job, OEM or not, it would not matter.


Which one really is the best mud flaps for f150, you ask? The answer is already given above. Make some little adjustments and a small checklist for your ride. I am quite sure any of the above-mentioned ones will match your list but choose the one that is the best suited with no compromise whatsoever.

May the best in the list wins and dazzle your ride with excellent capabilities.

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