5 Best Cam for 302 Ford Truck Review and Buyer’s Guide

Top 5 Best Cam for 302 Ford Truck Review and Buyer’s Guide

How smooth a car is going to roll depends on a ton of things. But more than that, it depends on what you’re choosing for it. The way you’re using the best battery, best engine oil or any other essential part of the ride, you need to do the same when it comes to camshafts too.

When you’re driving something special like the Ford 302 truck, you can think of nothing but having the perfect cam. So, today I’ll be telling you about how you’re going to get the best cam for 302 Ford truck and which one is the finest option for that.

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The 5 Best Cam for 302 Ford Truck Comparison

5 Best Cam for 302 Ford Truck Reviews

First off, I had to do a lot of research here. While there are tons of options out there, I didn’t want to confuse you by talking about all of them. This is why, I’ve come up with the 5 latest cams that are running superb in the market right now.

1. Edelbrock 2122 Performer Plus Cam and Lifter Kit

In the list of the finest manufacturers of tools for vehicles, Edelbrock has its name on it for a long time. So, when it comes to giving the best roller cam for 302 Ford truck, they have tried their best to make one in the form of Edelbrock 2122 Performer Plus Cam.

This cam was specifically designed to improve the performance of 289-302 Ford V8 engines. If you’re up for grabbing a cam that can generate optimum torque between the mid-range & low end, then this is an amazing choice.

All of its camshafts come with flat tappet lifters along with assembly lube and required instructions to ease things up.

For the performer manifolds for rides that are operational between off-idle to 5500 RPM, this bad boy should be a perfect match.

Whether you own a truck, a van, an RV, or any of the 4×4, the 2122 can get you the required smooth idling. If having an improved and perfect throttle response and torque is your target, this camshaft kit can play a major role in that part.

Other features of the Edelbrock 2122 Performer Plus Cam & Lifter Kit​include:

  • Improved throttle response
  • Generates optimum torque
  • Better exhaust duration
  • Impressive intake duration
  • Durable

2. COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam

If you have a specific weakness towards Hydraulic flat tappet type one in your ride, then the COMP Thumpr camshafts might make you fall in love with it. The COMP Cams CL12-600-4 thumpr 227 has almost every ideal feature that can make your 302 Ford truck a better one.

It’s true that when your wheels are rolling on the street, the best way to draw attention is with a hard-hitting exhaust note.

This camshaft set comes with an early intake valve that makes sure that the exhaust duration is long enough to get you the optimum overlap. I guess you know what that means. Your ride will come up with a powerful exhaust note.

Now let’s come to the operating range of this one. Its operating range is 2000-5800 RPM. So, you can be sure that you’re going to have a highly upgraded performance this time. Moreover, the CL kits have a camshaft with a set of filters. You’ll get the required instructions and the assembly lubricants to make things easier for you.

Other features of the COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Flat Cam include:

  • Improved horsepower and torque
  • Creates optimum overlap
  • Makes great idle sound
  • Impressive RPM operating range
  • Perfect engine sound

3. COMP Cams K31-218-2 High Energy Flat Cam K-Kit for Ford 221-302

If you have a Ford 302 truck and you’re looking for the ideal cam to give a better edge to its performance, then the COMP Cams K31-218-2 high energy flat cam kit deserves your attention. I think you’re going to love it as your next cam.

This cam is considered to be a good one if you’re more into regularly driven performance wheels. The operating range has been an amazing one with 1500-5000 RPM.

To add an extra boost to the ride’s performance and efficiency, it has high energy grinds. So, in case you’re working on any performance street rebuilds, this bad boy can serve you perfectly with that.

What isn’t going to bother you at all on the COMP Cams K31-218-2 high energy flat cam kit is its compatibility. Whether there’s rockers, heads, torque converters, or gears, it will work perfectly with all of them. In case of rides, you can get it installed in Ford 221, 260, 289, 302 even if they’re from a time between 1963 to 1995.

Other features of the COMP Cams K31-218-2 High Energy Flat Cam K-Kit for Ford 221-302 include:

  • Better operating range
  • Great exhaust note
  • Better compatibility
  • Good build quality
  • Perfect exhaust duration

4. Ford 302 Truck 1977-11/30/1982 Cam Kit (Northern Auto Parts Cam Kit )

There’s no Ford 302 truck owner I have seen so far who doesn’t like to have some hard-hitting exhaust note. If you have a Ford 302 truck too, and you want the same, then check this Northern Auto Parts Cam Kit out.

This 15 pounds cam kit includes a Melling stock style camshaft to give you your desired performance boost with its perfect operating range.

You’ll notice the remarkable throttle response at the time of riding the road. Federal-Mogul stock style lifters in this set, render the required boost to the RPM.

The Northern Auto Parts Cam Kit is made for the long run. To ensure a higher level of durability, the manufacturers have given it an improved built quality. Moreover, the noise level of this cam is significantly low.

So, if you’re thinking about comforting your ears with powerful exhaust note and taking throttle response to a better level, then you should grab this one. Surely you won’t regret having it.

Other features of the Ford 302 Truck 1977-11/30/1982 Cam Kit (Northern Auto Parts Cam Kit) include:

  • Improves throttle response
  • Better torque
  • Decent intake duration
  • Sufficient operating range
  • Amazing sound

5. Ford Racing M6250E303 5.0L Certified Cam

When you love to have more power under the hood, only then you need something as crazy as the Ford M6250E303 Cam. For any of the motors with high horsepower, this cam can keep up smooth and easy.

The first thing that puts it on the list of a better cam is, it keeps your truck fuel-efficient. When you’re driving at a higher speed, it won’t lead to any extra fuel consumption.

To have this cam under your hood, you’re going to need a 120 lbs valve & seat pressure of 295 lbs.

Its compatibility level will amaze you when you’ll compare it to other brands. In 1985, it fits perfectly and so do 302 roller cam blocks. Even if you own 1984 non-roller cam 289-302 blocks, it will still fit in. Thinking of having it on 1997 factory roller cam 351W blocks? That’s not going to be a problem either.

Other features of the Ford Racing M6250E303 5.0L Certified Cam​ include:

  • Convenient to attach
  • Great sound
  • Better performance and built quality
  • Perfect compatibility with carburetors
  • Fuel saver

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Cams for Ford 302 Truck

Choosing the wrong product won’t be a smart move. So, it’s important for you to know how to pick the right one to avoid the hazards.

When you’re looking for the right cam for your favorite Ford 302 truck, you have to walk on the same road too. For helping you to pick up your perfect cam, I’ll suggest you to keep a few facts in mind. Let’s check out what they are.

Operating Range

If you want your ride to be on its best speed, never underestimate a camshaft with a good operating range. Having a better operating range will eventually help your driving skills too.

Check if the one you’re thinking of purchasing has an operating power between 1600 to 6000 RPM. Only then it will be a better pick as it will get you better speed and smoothness. So, in case of operating range, it’s the more, the better!


Do you need a better duration for perfecting the power brake? Then choose a cam with a vacuum option. Having a good power vacuum is an appreciating feature for a perfect camshaft. Moreover, more vacuum pressure pushes the power and comfort to a finer edge along with smoothing up the engine performance.

Camshaft Profile

Both throttle response and acceleration depends to a certain extent on the camshaft profile. So, a better cam profile indeed should be on the list of your considerations. Try to pick one with an asymmetrical lobe design as they’re helpful for keeping the noise and friction to a lower level.


When you’re driving regularly, then the camshaft material is something that you should never compromise with. There is steel and cast iron made camshafts, that can run longer. Moreover, they’re less prone to wear and helpful while you have bigger loads on the back.


As far as I know, fuel is not for free. So, choose a good camshaft to save some. One of the best things about good camshafts is they have a better intake and exhaust duration.

A camshaft with 260 degrees of intake and 270 degrees exhaust duration is considered to be a good one. That’s because it’ll make your ride lose less fuel but run longer.

Good Performance

Having a high performing camshaft is essential for you if you want better performance with your Ford 302. The matter of fact is, your roads are never going to be the same, but the ride will be.

So, you need to keep your ride prepared for any type of road that you might take. Hence, choosing a high-performance camshaft will make your driving better, no matter how the road is.


You need to be careful about the price and the quality of the camshaft before making any final purchase decision. But in the case of camshafts, it’s often true that the higher price indicates higher quality. So, choose wisely by keeping your requirements and budget in mind.

How to Install Cam for 302 Ford Truck?

The first thing you need obviously is getting a good cam for your ride. Now let’s come to the installation process.

Make sure that everything that came with the camshaft package is there in front of you. There’ll be both big and shorter dowels. You need to choose one on the basis of the application.

Next, put a screwdriver on the cam’s surface. To smooth up the installation, make sure that you’re lubricating the camshaft lobes first, along with the bearing contact points.

Skimming the camshaft into the engine is the next part you need to deal with. Now, place the cam in the back of the block. The camshaft thrust plate will require the bolt now. Don’t forget to make the crankshaft at 12 o’clock position while you’re doing it.

In case you’re using it on the street, you’ll need to slide the sprocket of the crankshaft over the crank. Ensure the notch’s position with the tooth is even in the sprocket.

Now set up both cam gear and chain on cam and dowel. Use glue over the cam bolt, make sure it’s a sticky one. The final touch is applying the lube under the head and slip in the washer and voila!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best way to lube a camshaft?

The first thing you need to do is check if there’s any lube that has come with the package or not. If there is, then take it out and put it around the lobe areas of the camshaft. You’ll be seeing oiling holes on the lobes and they will make the lubrication easy.

What is the reason for the camshaft to make noise?

One of the common purposes of maximum camshafts is keeping the irksome noise to the minimum. But if the camshaft you’re using is worn, then there’s a possibility of it making noise.

How to understand if the camshafts need to be replaced?

The most noticeable symptom of that is the odd reaction of the engine and its negative changes in the behavior at the time of driving. But to be more certain in this regard, if you see power cut, excessive fuel consumption, or frequent stumbling, then you should get you camshaft checked for changing it.

What kind of Camshaft is better for minimizing noise and friction?

You can choose an asymmetrical lobe design if you want to keep the noise and friction to the minimum.

Which material is comparatively better as camshaft material?

You can choose any of the camshaft made of steel or cast iron, as they both are quite durable.

Final Words

As it’s often considered as a challenge to find out the best cam for a ride. But I’ve tried to make that a little easier for you with some of the finest options for Ford 302 Truck. I hope you’re going to get your best cam for 302 Ford truck here and that’s not going to cause you any regret.

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